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We are a Search firm focused on bringing great people and organizations together

Our ability to connect people and organizations to the right fit has allowed us to work with some of the best companies who utilize or implement Enterprise Applications, IT Utility or Product Development Teams.We offer both Recruitment and Dedicated Teams services to help companies get exactly what they need to design, launch or support your applications and projects.

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Connexusfit made the interview process for me much easier. I always knew where I stood with the Client.As a contractor, I always keep my eyes on the market for new roles because when it comes to contracting, there can be a lot of uncertainties. Their team has a good recruiting process, they know how to keep me in the loop and deliver on their promises. even if there was a delay in the interview process, they would always keep me posted. They will be my go-to recruiter going forward.Z. S.Dynamics 365 Administrator & ERP Manager
Pharmaceuticals and Finance Company
Pharmaceutical company with a key need for a Director of ERP and an EPR ManagerThey did a thorough intake meeting with the hiring manager to understand the specific needs of the department and the company's long-term desire to ensure the right candidate would be placed. All interactions were very professional and timely. The team is very knowledgeable and technical but also very passionate about our values and culture to ensure it would be a win, win situation for both the candidate and our company.B.B.Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition